Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We're home and exhausted from vacation

We got home last night after nearly 8 hours on various trains. Macen still isn't feeling well this morning James would tell you. He was thrown up on as he was asking Macen how he was doing. Hopefully this virus runs its course soon.

Paris was great. We had heard the French were rude but we didn't really encounter anyone who was rude to us. Everyone we spoke to was kind and willing to help us. James does think they are rude drivers to one another. We enjoyed our time there but really, you can see everything you need to see in about 4 days unless you like lingering in museums.

Paris was our 2nd vacation since Oct and its the second vacation that has not gone smoothly. We are heading to Venice next month and I am hestiant we should be going. If things happen in 3's, the outlook isn't good, lol. My prediction is it's going to rain the entire week we are in Venice since we have to walk everywhere.

There will lots of pics added in the upcoming days. I have over 500 to sort but it'll depend on how Macen is feeling. Keep checking back.