Monday, April 29, 2013

Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

The much anticipated birthday party. Macen has wanted a Chuck E Cheese birthday party since about a month before his last birthday. He was extremely excited all morning leading up to it and even more excited his best friend got to ride over there with him.

Getting his crown

Blowing out his candle

In the ticket blaster. He was so focused on trying to grab the 1000 ticket one that he didn't even grab any other tickets. I don't think he realized how fast the tickets would be flying around. He was disappointed when it stopped and he didn't have any tickets but he caught some in his crown so that made him happy.

He proudly wore his medal to school today. He loved his party and that he got to play games with his friends.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Poor eating techniques

Any proper eating habits were thrown out the door tonight. With less than 4 hours of sleep and a head cold that has kicked my butt for days, I had no energy to fight him.

Eating applesauce. He has done this before so I went back to the squeezeable kind. Guess we'll be sticking with the squeezeables for a while longer.

ETA: I should explain the way he eats his applesauce. He scoops it out with his hands, pumps his fists to hear the squishy sound, slurps it off his hands and whatever is left on his hands gets smeared on the table for him to lick/suck it off. All kinds of improperness going on here.

Literally sucking the frosting off

Not sure what started this but he did finish the whole thing.

Now he is sucking the cheese off. And yes this was the order he ate his dinner in. He must not have approved of the cut up pizza he started off with.

He went straight from the dinner table to the bath tub.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Macen has been asking Maddox to snuggle with him for weeks now and Maddox was finally climbed up there. It was short lived though.

Maddox has been taking all 3 out of bed with him lately so by the time he gets his milk, he has an armful.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Typical Toddler

While that is to be expected, it's kinda new territory for us. Macen was not typical. He listened really well, wasn't overly curious about things, was cautious, etc. Maddox on the other hand.... he does seem to listen pretty well but as with any toddler it takes 3-5 times of repeating, lol. He doesn't seem to be afraid of much and is always trying to keep up with Macen. He wants to do things himself and he is oh so loud :) And while James is away, he still has managed to be here for some firsts thanks to Facetime. He has got to see Maddox pick his nose and "eat" it (there wasn't anything there but that didn't stop Maddox from sticking his finger in his mouth). Macen didn't learn to pick his nose until he was 3 1/2. And most recently he got to see Maddox take off his diaper and watch as Maddox jumped up and down in excitement for his accomplishment. Funny stuff!  Maddox will answer my questions appropriately with a shake of his head. He knows what a star is and we are working on numbers and the alphabet a lot. He is starting to make the sounds of the letters but it is sporadic. While the utmost patience is needed at this stage, it is so much fun.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Fishin' and Fun

The boys had a great time fishing and playing outside. Maddox immediately started swinging his rod around in the water and digging up mud. The fish weren't biting so the boys started throwing rocks into the water. That occupied them for awhile before they got their 4 wheeler rides. Neither of them wanted off that thing.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shaving Cream Colored Eggs

Macen really liked doing it this way. It was so easy and we will definitely be doing it again next year.

We let them sit for a bit and then dabbed off the remaining shaving cream to get the designs. Macen got a little excited rolling the eggs around so the colors meshed too much. So most of them turned out brownish with streaks on colors in them. Next year we'll use small plates for each eggs so they turn out more like the red and blue ones.

Nail Polished Colored Eggs

While Macen was at school and Maddox was napping, I got to color my own eggs, lol. I debated on letting Macen help with this one but after an incident with a broken bottle of nail polish that resulted in a huge mess in the kitchen sink I decided against it. By the way, nail polish remover did not get it off but a long soak with listerine and a lot of elbow grease did.
 First, I was using styrofoam cups and the nail polish ate through the bottom of it. No joke! A couple of bubbles of nail polish landed on the bottom and put holes in it resulting in a slight flood, lol. I found some clear cups and started again. Pretty cool result I must say. However, the potent nail polish soaked through 2 layers of newspaper and a paper towel and did some damage to the kitchen table.  Husband has told me to put the nail polish away after these incidents.

I really like them. The yellow really worked the best in giving the marbled look. The blue and red in the back is really cool. The red had sparkly stuff in it and when I was pouring it into the cup, it went in as drops and didn't form with the other drops so it came out spotted. So really cool result but I won't be doing these again, lol.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Easter bunny arrived

The Easter Bunny brought the boys bikes and some sweets! Macen desparately needed a new bike and Maddox LOVED his. He was on it most of the morning inside even Flintstoning it at times.

Asking to eat his chocolate bunny on his bike. So cute!

I think Macen found all the eggs the bunny hid before Maddox woke up but he refrained from picking them up, lol.

Egg Hunt

Maddox enjoyed his first egg hunt. He helped Grandma hide the eggs and by helping I mean, he followed behind her trying to get the candy out :) Macen was excited to find a dollar in one of his eggs.