Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Nail Polished Colored Eggs

While Macen was at school and Maddox was napping, I got to color my own eggs, lol. I debated on letting Macen help with this one but after an incident with a broken bottle of nail polish that resulted in a huge mess in the kitchen sink I decided against it. By the way, nail polish remover did not get it off but a long soak with listerine and a lot of elbow grease did.
 First, I was using styrofoam cups and the nail polish ate through the bottom of it. No joke! A couple of bubbles of nail polish landed on the bottom and put holes in it resulting in a slight flood, lol. I found some clear cups and started again. Pretty cool result I must say. However, the potent nail polish soaked through 2 layers of newspaper and a paper towel and did some damage to the kitchen table.  Husband has told me to put the nail polish away after these incidents.

I really like them. The yellow really worked the best in giving the marbled look. The blue and red in the back is really cool. The red had sparkly stuff in it and when I was pouring it into the cup, it went in as drops and didn't form with the other drops so it came out spotted. So really cool result but I won't be doing these again, lol.