Monday, March 27, 2017

Sunshine Award

Maddox recieved the Sunshine Award last week at school. His teacher's reasons - Maddox has always been a pleasure to have in our classroom. He has many wonderful characteristics that make him the person that he is: kind-hearted, positive, honest, trustworthy, and caring (just to name a few!) Maddox has been chosen to receive the Sunshine Award this week at school. Our classroom is full of wonderful and kind students but Maddox really stands out each and every day. 

Super proud of him! 

And even more proud that Macen also received this award in the 2nd grade. The event has since expanded a bit and parents are now notified in advance so we can be there when they receive their award.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bahamas - Atlantis Resort

Our last stop was in Nassau and we did a shore excursion to the Atlantis Resort. It was a cloudy and windy day so the boys just wanted to stay in the very crowded hot tub.  

James and Macen went down the Leap of faith slide. This one takes you through a tunnel with sharks around you. Macen refused to do it again.

They raced down this one.

We headed back to the ship a little early since they didn't want to do anything but stay under the towels. We took some time to walk through the aquariums before heading back though.

Half Moon Cay

We rented snorkel gear for the day. As you can tell from the expression on Maddox's face, he didn't like it. He couldn't walk in the flippers but he did make it into the water before he gave up. Macen snorkeled several times throughout the day and James found a perfect sand dollar. Unfortunately, it broke into pieces in no time but we still brought it home.

There was some football throwing in the water, chasing each other on the beach and a some dancing from Macen. Great day!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Grand Turk

Our first port was at Grand Turk. Gorgeous water and great weather!

Margaritaville had a pool so the boys got in some more pool time and tossed around the football while we had drinks.

Carnival Cruise

Once again our cruise got off to a rocky start. We were suppose to fly from 12:30-5:30pm and after a flight cancellation, we finally left Indy at 8pm and it was nearly 2am before we got to our hotel in Miami. But we got onto the ship with no issues and the boys were ready too hit the water as soon as we ate lunch. They loved the hot tubs on either side of the pool the most.

They looked forward to seeing what animal our room steward made each night for them.

James and I enjoyed the Blues blue margarita by day and whiskey/burbons and peach cosmopolitans by night. 

Both boys spent time in Camp Carnival and had a lot of fun. Both also received written praises throughout the week. Maddox even got to move up to the next age group because they said he was mature for his age. Pretty proud parents here!

Monday, March 20, 2017