Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh, Shreds!

This is what happens when a little boy wakes up at 5:30 one morning and wants to go outside by 6:30. In effort to divert his repeated request, we shredded paper. Macen just wanted to hide his pez dispensers in it though. The cats got days of entertainment from it. They napped in it, wrestled in it and tracked it all over the house.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Macen has finally taken an interest in riding his bike. A neighbor girl had her training wheels taken off the other day so a couple of them have been riding their bikes a lot. He doesn't last too long on it yet but he has spent time on it the past 2 days.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

20 weeks and Expanding

I just finished my 20th week so half way there. I have managed to go a week without throwing up - big progress from the last several months. This pregnancy has pretty much wiped out my immune system and I am catching every single thing going around. The little guy seems to be just as active in utero as Macen was too. Finally a part of pregnancy I can enjoy.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fasching Parade

We went to a Fasching parade in the town we live near to see what all the excitement was about. We didn't do this last year because there was still a lot of snow on the ground. It was a pretty big parade for a small town. Not only did the walkers dress up but so did a lot of the bystanders.

Lego people
Macen thought the bands were loud. We placed ourselves right at the beginning of the parade front row so we had a good view. Macen thought it was pretty cool and then he quickly realized just how great it was when they started throwing candy everywhere. It took him about the first 5 mins to go from sitting in his stroller to making sure he was standing so he could run after candy.

The guy in green had a pretty creative costume if you ask me. It's hard to see in the shadows but keep looking down for the spout. Haha!

A lot of the floats were jamming out to some loud music and the jail birds were no exception. If only you could see how much they were bouncing the floats.

A creative, handmade bike.

And this is a local brewery. Not only was candy and some toys thrown into the crowds but a lot of people in the parade either had kegs, bottles of beer and wine and some even had the mini bottles of liquor. The mini bottles were thrown into the crowd and they would carry little plastic cups with the kegs, beer and wine and hand out small drinks randomly to the crowd.

Macen loved it and we came home with a lot of candy. Way more than what will get eaten.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Our House of Blue

It's a boy!

We're so excited to add another boy to our family! Macen has accepted a brother is on the way with no problems. Almost immediately after I posted in January that he only wanted a brother, he switched to wanting a sister. After I told him it was a boy and he'd have a brother, he laughed and said okay. I guess it's time to start thinking of names for this little guy.

I just have to say I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by all these males - all the way to the feline ones.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


We are in the middle of Fasching over here. It's the big celebration before lent starts. It's such a big deal that Macen doesn't have school a couple days next week because of it. Parades, costume balls and lots of beer drinking take place during this time. Macen's school has been celebrating with the theme "A trip around the world". The kids were divided into groups and represent a part of the world.

Macen was part of the group representing America so he had to come dressed as something from there. We thought a cowboy costume fit well for America. He also had to bring a snack for the buffet that represented America so I made mini apple pies.

Yesterday they continued the celebration and they could dress up as anything they wanted. He was not thrilled with the headpiece to his costume as you can see.

So he swapped it out for his knight helmet and was much happier. Macen has enjoyed the parties at school lately. They are done dressing up but I think they are still celebrating all this week.