Thursday, September 20, 2012

A climbing he will go...

It seems each time I mention I am not quite ready for Maddox to reach a particular milestone, he shows me what I want doesn't matter, lol. He learned to climb the benches and chairs to both tables earlier this week.
He is quite pleased with himself...

 And then I got all excited because he figured out how to get down on his own. He will turn around and lower himself or do what he is doing below. Here he is evaluating how to get down and then...

                 He just grabs the edge of the table and swings down, lol. Yep, like a monkey.

And then he did this...

So I did this.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Stars are Shining

Macen had his first soccer game over the weekend. I think he enjoyed it overall despite the variety of emotions/animations he displayed on the field. He was quite animated when he ran after the ball sometimes even throwing in some ninja spins. The 2nd picture doesn't even begin to show the dancing he did when he scored the first goal for the team. He was quite angry when the green team had the ball and scored at times leaving him in tears. Oh the joys of once again explaining both teams get to kick the ball and even score. Hopefully this goes the same as tball and he chills after the first couple of games.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus

Macen went to the circus last night with his cousins. Boo to not allowing cameras with detachable lens in. You all know I am not a fan of camera phone pictures. This is the only one that turned out. Macen loved it and spent the first half laughing very loudly at all the antics going on. What a great show!

Friday, September 14, 2012

14 months

A goofy little boy! Maddox has adjusted well to Macen being in school all day. It means lots of reading time with mom. He loves, loves, loves books. It's the first thing he goes for after waking up from the night or naptime. Of course, all this reading has led to him repeating words or atleast making an attempt to repeat them. His favorite word right now is go and dog. Go is something he will say on his own a lot with all other words prompted after we say them.
He's really into imitating Macen right now whether it be washing himself in the bathtub or finding a sword and pretending to be a ninja. He is also quite the helper with laundry. He loves putting clothes into the washing machine. He is also very eager to climb things. He can climb onto the couch if James has the foot rest up. And he has managed to climb onto a tote and toy so far. He has made attempts with the kitchen bench. I'm not sure I am ready for that yet :) He has stairs mastered so he has free roam of the house without constant supervision. That wont be happening anymore once he can climb up to the tables.
We have made progress in getting rid of the bottle - just this week, lol. He is down to 1 bottle a day and I think we will be cutting that out here in the next couple of weeks without much of a problem.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Little Daredevil

The rockin' puppy has provided lots of entertainment and has allowed Maddox to be very brave. He has flipped it backwards a couple of times. He smiles and gets right back on. He likes to stand on the seat and "fall off" on purpose just to get a boom and laughs from us. He rarely just sits in the seat and rocks. There are just too many other uses for it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Worlds of Fun

Macen and I had a day out that we spent at Worlds of Fun - great mother/son time for us.

Macen loved all the Halloween decor. There were spiders, snakes and skeletons everywhere. He kept wanting to touch them and have his picture taken with them. In between riding rides, we had lunch with Uncle Jeremiah. Afterwards he let Macen walk through what will be a Haunted House soon and Macen was impressed. He even swore he saw the big werewolf move his hand.

Santa Cali Gon Days

Looks like we made it to a real carnival this time. Tonganoxie left a bad taste in our mouth and I didn't want to end the summer with a carnival like that. Not only did Macen get to play all his normal games but he found an angry bird game and a fun house. The fun house didn't really have anything on the inside to navigate through like the ones in Germany but he enjoyed it nonetheless.

Maddox making faces at Macen while he was in the air.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Good Morning

"The sky is awake" Macen said when he woke me up this morning.