Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Louisville, KY

Of course we are going to hit all the Hard Rocks our new location offers. 

Had to pose with the horse


James started this with the boys while in KY. They enjoyed it so I think we'll continue it as we travel the U.S.


Maddox got to go bowling for the 1st time before we left with Grammy and Mariah. He had been begging for it for months. So to kill some time while in KY, we took him again. He used the alligator for a bit but when Macen and the neighboring kids didn't use one, he refused to use it anymore. We had a great time but boy was James and I off our game. The proof is shown below as Macen beat both of us.

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

We headed to the Louisville Slugger Museum. We learned how bats are made and the boys each got a personalized Louisville bat with their name. 

All the boys practiced their batting skills.

There was a Looney Tunes section and the boys got to meet Bugs Bunny. Maddox was pretty impressed and spent some time staring up at him.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Water fun

We managed to find one water sprinkler so the boys got some time in the water and sun.

Soaking up the Sun

They found their spot in the sun.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Boxes, boxes, boxes

This is me being awesome approximately 50 hrs after our household goods were delivered. This is about 85-90% of the boxes done. James did about a dozen before he had to head back to Kentucky. More importantly though, he took the time to organize the dining room, office and garage so I could just go to town. It helped a ton. The boys were completely awesome, played and watched tv so I could tackle it all at once.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Worst Move To Date

What should have been a very simple and short move has turned into nothing but problems. We got to  our new house Sunday evening and the water should have been turned on the previous Friday. It was not done until Wed which resulted in us going to a hotel for 2 nights. Our household goods should have been delivered no later than Wednesday. We find out Wednesday afternoon that not only has our stuff not left KS, there is no driver assigned to it so it wasn't going anywhere. After some heated phone conversations with the moving company, they may get it to us by the end of this next week. Not happy at all. So we are camping in our new house. And by camping I mean Macen now asks to be excused from the box and I crushed graham crackers with a bottle of beer. We have made attempts to buy office furniture and a washer/dryer but no one wants to deliver those until weeks later either. We didn't have a good week overall and the alcohol has been flowing. We've been very fortunate with all our moves. It is to be expected things will get broken (it happens every move) but it has never been anything major. I guess with as many times as we have moved, we were due for a crappy one.

We have managed to get the backyard set up the way we want it. We added the tiki god, a soccer goal and pitch back, added a fire pit, weeded the flower bed and planted veggies in the mini garden. Here are some pics of us enjoying the backyard.

practicing with the pitch back

showing us his slick move

wishing he could play like Macen

he got the slinky instead

Leaving MO

We spent our last night before heading to IN at Ken and Stacey's. Maddox had his first time roasting marshmallows and tasting smores. The boys had a blast playing with Carson and Quinn.

Sick boy

Maddox got sick right in the middle of our things being packed and when we had a family wedding. He had to stay home with dad while Macen and I attended. He was down and out for a couple of days.

Last Day of 1st Grade

It was also mustache day. Maddox thought he needed one as well. Funny!

School Award

Happiest Morning Person - not surprising at all. His response was "Oh, I thought it would have been for king of recess"

End of Soccer

Another successful soccer season is behind him. He had a great time being on the same team as last fall.