Thursday, May 31, 2012

1st Tball Game

Macen is proud to be a part of the Dragons team. He didn't do too bad hitting the ball but he grew impatient waiting for the ball to be hit to him. He was covering 3rd base and we could see him angrily talking to the coach next to him and when he was done talking we saw the arms cross over his chest. He got over it much more quickly than he has in practices though.

Worlds of Fun

Macen and Maddox got to spend the day at Worlds of Fun with grandma, aunts, cousins and visiting with Jeremiah. Macen rode some rides that took me by surprise including the Viking Voyager. Had he seen the rapid decline at the end he wouldn't have went on it. All he cared about was not getting water in his eyes though so he had his hands clasped over them all the way down. Macen found the Angry Birds game and walked away very disappointed he didn't win an angry bird. He went on to ask everyone else to play in hopes they would win him an angry bird. I told him we'd have dad come next time and try to win him one. I think everyone had a great time!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fishin' and Picnics

We took Macen fishing last night and he enjoyed it. I thought he would get bored with it quickly but he didn't. The boys got lots of bites but only caught one bass. Macen was pretty excited when dad reeled the fish in. Afterwards, we all enjoy a picnic until it was time to head home.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

End of school celebration

Macen's last day of school was yesterday and they played games and had a picnic for the kids.

Dumping a cup of water into the next persons cup and the last person dumps it into a bucket. All the kids got a chance to dump water in the bucket.  Macen's group went the slowest but had the most water in their bucket in the end.

Then they got to dump water on each other... I mean try to get it in the bottle. Macen was all for it until the water started landing on him and then he sat up. He was a pretty good sport about it though.

He did great all the way to the end when he fell.

Egg tossing. The kids loved this one.

Maddox going down the slide for the first time.

Next, the kids went through a little obstacle course and then it was time to eat lunch.

I love this pic. Mariah accidently hit him on the side of the head and he was milking it. Haha!

Maddox loved being on the swing this way. He would giggle the higher he went.

Macen's class and teacher.

Adorable! He looks so big here. Where did our baby go?!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pre-K Graduation

The graduate!

Macen leading the class with the days of the week

Getting ready to get his diploma

Proudly showing off his cap and gown.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Kansas City 5i50 Triathlon

I apologize for the crappy phone pics that follow. Guess who forgot her camera?! Unbelieveable. This race has a perfect course to get many great photos of the triathletes in action so I was not happy to be taking pics with a phone.

 Maddox cheering dad on with the cow bell. And thanks to Brianna and Mariah for hanging out with us as James did his thing!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

10 months old

The past month has been colds and teething for sweet baby boy. He has become cranky baby boy. He has also become clingy and wanting to be held a lot. I'm not entirely sure it's because of the colds and teething though. I think he likes to be up high like us and see what we are looking at. Needless to say sleeping through the night has been out of the question.  While he was feeling good,  I started giving him water in his bottle in the middle of the night. Apparently after a few nights of that, they don't bother to wake for water. Not our Maddox! It didn't faze him a bit. So once he is feeling better, we'll need to re-evaluate how I am going to tackle getting him to sleep all night long.

On to good news, Maddox started walking in the last month and has spent the last few weeks getting pretty good at it. He can even get to a standing position from the middle of the floor now. He is so proud of himself when he is walking. He also has no problem dropping to the floor and crawling like a speed demon to get to where he wants to go, lol.

Maddox has found his voice in the last month. He is imitating sounds and words we make. I'm pretty sure he tries to say night-night and yum, yum often. He is also starting to copy us. If we point to something, he will point to it as well. It has been a blast giving him new foods to try. It amazes me how willing he is to eat since I had so many food issues with Macen from the beginning. And true to Maddox's genes, he LOVES chocolate. That makes this momma very happy!

I finished pumping. Woo Hoo! He should have enough breastmilk to last until his first birthday. I love that I could provide them with it for that long but I was so tired of being hooked up to a machine. Totally worth it but draining to say the least.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Crunchie Time

Maddox loves, loves, loves crunchies. He would eat an entire cannister every evening for dinner if I let him. It's pointless to even give him other finger foods because he will whine until he gets his crunchies.

Kissin' the crunchie gods!

Checking to see if they are really all gone.

                                              Checking to see if they are really, really gone.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Ft Leavenworth Triathlon

James did the triathlon on post over the weekend. Unfortunately there aren't many pics since the boys and I left early. Macen had tball practice at the same time so we went to that and then came back to pick up James. He was way past finishing by the time we got back. Macen killed time by playing on the bounce house.