Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fighting over a chair

With James being deployed for a year, Macen took claim to the chair James prefers in the living room. Of course its the seat directly in front of the tv - I think that is a guy thing. So there has been lots of fighting and eventual compromising with that particular seat. I mean it was so bad when James came home for R&R, Macen was crying within the first 10 mins of him being home because dad was in his seat. So when James spotted this chair at Ikea yesterday he thought maybe that would help keep Macen out of his chair and he could reclaim his seat. Here is Macen having fun rolling around in it while dad is putting together the base.

So far he likes hiding from us.

Only time will tell if James' plan works...or we get a new sofa set.

Update: They are still fighting over the chair

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Keeping Macen Occupied

With most of Shantel's attention focused on Maddox these days, I've been trying to come up with ways to keep Macen occupied.  We've started going for runs where I push him in the Bob Stroller and that's a hit, but his attention span even with the videos on the iPad lasts only about 5 miles and I like to run longer than that on most days.  What seems to have been the best idea for both me and him is the introduction of Star Wars Legos.  He is still a little small for them but he does help me put them together and then he does spend several hours in pretend play with them.  I let him keep them for a couple of weeks and then we hang them from his ceiling with Macen directing where they get hung and who's chasing who.  I provide some input but the final decision is all Macen's.  Here's the results of the last couple of months.

The Episode III Battle of Coruscant
He stares at them when he goes to bed and makes shooting noises and sometimes tells me which ones get shot down.  He is fascinated by them.

Macen and  I think we need more legos, especially the larger capital ships.  Mom thinks we have enough.  It's a good thing I've found a website that has people selling used sets so I don't have to spend too much.  That keeps Mom from getting too grouchy.

A word of warning.  Don't let Macen hold the camera as you make a tweak to the legos hanging from the ceiling.  You never know what he might do with the it.

I think we have a budding photographer, he just needs to work on his subject matter.  My backside is not that photogenic.

Friday, September 16, 2011

2 months old

Another month already?!
Maddox is now 11lbs 1oz putting him in the 10th percentile and 22.5 inches which is the 14th percentile.  He has become quite smiley and coos even more. So far he enjoys being read to. And he absolutely loves the sound of Macen's voice. Macen can soothe him with a song or two. Maddox started rolling from tummy to back a couple of weeks ago. Macen thinks it is the greatest thing ever. I can imagine what he will think when Maddox starts crawling, walking, eating, etc.

As for sleeping, Maddox is keeping me on my toes. Since he has to be waken to take Macen to school and for other things by the end of the day he is overtired. And that equals lots of screaming in the evenings as he tries to settle into sleep. So we are working on that. This week I worked on it so well that he got his days and nights mixed up as far as eating. I am getting up frequently with him throughout the night but he does go right back to sleep. It's that darn miracle blanket, it really does its job :) No more swaddling with the miracle blanket during the day so he will wake more often to eat. Hopefully we'll get back to only getting up once or twice through the night...and soon because this momma is exhausted.

ETA: I'm so sleep deprived I forgot to add a funny story from his dr appt. Maddox got shots and Macen was not happy about it. After she gave him the first shot and Maddox started crying really hard, Macen told her not to do that. She preceded with more shots and Macen went and hid behind the big chair I was holding Maddox in. He did not like Maddox crying that hard especially someone making him cry. Poor boys!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Corn Maze

We took Macen to the corn maze this weekend and we ran into some neighbors - all of which had boys Macens age. So we did the corn maze together and Macen had a blast running the paths with friends. The guys even let the boys lead the way sometimes. You have to find 6 checkpoints within the maze and stamp your card at each one. The 6th checkpoint was a lookout over the cornfield which you see Macen at above. This year they didn't have the hay bales stacked as high but the kids loved running over them and jumping from them.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We headed to Berlin and Hamburg for the holiday weekend. It was nice to get out of town and it was our first trip with Maddox in tow. He did great traveling so we have the green light for future excursions. Hamburg is a big port city and of course they commercialize on that. There were all kinds of river boat cruises and boats with restaurants on them.

                                                                          Hard Rock

This Hard Rock just opened this summer. We have now been to all 4 Hard Rocks in Germany. We brought along our own tourist attraction in Maddox too. Throughout our trip so many people stopped to awww over him and ask how old he is including the staff at both Hard Rocks. Everyone loves a baby!

Miniature Wonderland

In our research for Hamburg, we found the highly rated miniature world was great for little kids. Well turns out it is a hit for all ages. The place was packed! Macen loved that there were trains all over. It was divided out between countries for the most part and there was even a section about America. I didn't get to look too closely here but Vegas took up a large section of it.

The trains take off and disappear into flaps in the wall.

Ar regualr intervals, the lights would go down so you could see everything lit up.


                                                                             Berlin Zoo

This time Macen was all about the rhinos.

Hard Rock

Maddox slept through his first Hard Rock experience. Ironically, Macens first Hard Rock was in Munich.

                                                                 Berlin Highlights

Victory Column

Brandenburg Gate

I was wearing Maddox when Macen got pretty cranky and tired so we put him in Maddox's carseat which was attached to the sit n stand stroller. He eventually fell asleep but was very confused and unhappy when he woke up in an infant seat.

Beer on wheels! Everyone around the bar peddles but the main person in the middle (who I assume isn't drinking - atleast not as much) steers. Notice the keg on the front.

We lounged in the yard in front of the Reichstag for awhile. James got some shut eye, Maddox stretched his legs and Macen got to run around and play some.

The Reichstag

                                                A portion of the Berlin Wall still standing

Checkpoint Charlie

We went to the Ritter Sport chocolate store where you can make your own chocolate. You pick up to 3 items you want mixed with either white or dark chocolate and then come back later and pick up your chocolate bar. Macen selected strawberry pieces, sprinkles and gummi bears to put in his chocolate. He wasn't willing to try it but mom and dad thought it was rather tasty. Yes, even with gummi bears in it.

Next we went to a little more upscale chocolate store - Fassbender Rausch. The lower level is a chocolate store and the upstairs is a restaurant. We didn't have time to make it upstairs but reviews said the desserts are pretty amazing. Macen enjoyed looking at all the things they made out of chocolate like the volcano above. It was amazing how big the store/selection is downstairs.

The boys hanging out at the apartment we rented.

How do you like the Berlin Reichstag?

James likes it in person.

Shantel likes it in the form of chocolate.

Macen likes it built with Legos.