Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We headed to Berlin and Hamburg for the holiday weekend. It was nice to get out of town and it was our first trip with Maddox in tow. He did great traveling so we have the green light for future excursions. Hamburg is a big port city and of course they commercialize on that. There were all kinds of river boat cruises and boats with restaurants on them.

                                                                          Hard Rock

This Hard Rock just opened this summer. We have now been to all 4 Hard Rocks in Germany. We brought along our own tourist attraction in Maddox too. Throughout our trip so many people stopped to awww over him and ask how old he is including the staff at both Hard Rocks. Everyone loves a baby!

Miniature Wonderland

In our research for Hamburg, we found the highly rated miniature world was great for little kids. Well turns out it is a hit for all ages. The place was packed! Macen loved that there were trains all over. It was divided out between countries for the most part and there was even a section about America. I didn't get to look too closely here but Vegas took up a large section of it.

The trains take off and disappear into flaps in the wall.

Ar regualr intervals, the lights would go down so you could see everything lit up.


Craig Family said...

Love the pic with you! All mommas boys!!