Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fighting over a chair

With James being deployed for a year, Macen took claim to the chair James prefers in the living room. Of course its the seat directly in front of the tv - I think that is a guy thing. So there has been lots of fighting and eventual compromising with that particular seat. I mean it was so bad when James came home for R&R, Macen was crying within the first 10 mins of him being home because dad was in his seat. So when James spotted this chair at Ikea yesterday he thought maybe that would help keep Macen out of his chair and he could reclaim his seat. Here is Macen having fun rolling around in it while dad is putting together the base.

So far he likes hiding from us.

Only time will tell if James' plan works...or we get a new sofa set.

Update: They are still fighting over the chair