Saturday, July 23, 2016

How You Know Time in the Sun is Over?

When one kid starts wrestling large floats in the sand and the other kid goes from laying on his back to face in the sand. I was able to snap almost 30 pictures in about 5 minutes when James and I looked at each other and said it was time to go home, lol.

Grand Haven, MI

I think its safe to say we have found a love for Michigan. We returned to the same beach (and same house) that we went to last year. We spent hours in the sand, sun and water each day and James had us in breweries in the evenings. The boys loved jumping the waves, floating, playing catch with the football and building/digging in the sand. We were in need of a vacation after the last several busy months and we really loved it!

Royals vs Tigers

We got to the stadium early enough to get down front to watch the guys warm up and even got an autograph from Cuthbert. We felt a little like royalty in our seats. Our seats had to be wiped down before we could sit. We had all this leg room and mini tables in front of us. Definitely got spoiled and definitely the way to watch a game :)

The Henry Ford Museum

Our first stop in Detroit was The Henry Ford Museum. We got to see the original presidential cars and lots of cool older cars. James was right in his element here. The Mustang he is pictured with is the very first Mustang that rolled off the assembly line. There was just enough for the boys to do here to keep them interested.

They got to make paper airplanes and then test them out.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Indianapolis Zoo

We went to the zoo for Maddox's birthday. Many of the animals were pretty busy so we had a lot of entertainment. 

 This little guys had a surge of energy or something. He would speed through the water and then "fly" to where he is pictured here and then repeat.

The meerkats wrestled and played nonstop. I think the boys would have stayed and watched them all day.

The zoo has a small splash pad so the boys got to cool down for a bit.