Monday, May 30, 2016

Covered Bridges in Indiana

Indiana is known for their covered bridges so we headed South in search of some.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Last Day of 3rd Grade

Macen has had a busy half week of school. His school is k-3 so all the 3rd graders move to another school in the fall. The school makes a big deal of them moving onto bigger and better things. This morning the 3rd graders went bowling. As soon as they got back to school, there was a mile run around the school. Macen came in at 6th place out of 120-150 kids approx. After lunch they got to walk through a "tunnel" of all the other students, staff and parents of high fives as they worked their way back to their classrooms. He's not really excited to be done with school despite the 1st picture. He had an amazing teacher this year and he wanted to keep going! His teacher didn't teach from a book/blackboard majority of the time. He had the kids doing things to learn instead of reading it or listening to it.  Such an effective way to teach kids, especially for Macen. I wish there were more teachers like him. Mostly I wish he could move up each grade level with Macen while teaching Maddox at his level at the same time, lol. If only it could work that way :) But since it doesn't, I am eternally grateful for the 9 months we got with him.

Wacky Spring Fever Musical

Macen didn't get as animated as he did last year.  All the kids got to keep their recorders. That has been fun at home, lol. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Team Lafayette Hearing/Shamrocks

This season went by fast...too fast honestly. Macen's team did fantastic this season. They played each game with all they had and worked well as a team. They made it through the first round in the tournament and while they got beat in the second round, they ended on a great note. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Team Hunter's Pub

We all felt this way last weekend while freezing out there.

Just after he got a goal.

Maddox and Duke became best buds.

In the clear for a goal.

Maddox's soccer season ended today. I think they won atleast half their games but no one is keeping score ;) He was so ready to be out there each day even in the cold. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Preschool Graduate


This little guy will be heading off to Kindergarten in the fall. His class did a cute little song during the ceremony and Maddox got to run from one end of the line to the other by sliding. His teachers said they needed someone who wasn't shy so they selected Maddox. Each year they ask them what they want to be when they grow up and Maddox has been consistent with his answer - a pikachu. Not a teacher or vet or scientist like all the other kids but a pikachu.  The staff got a good laugh that his answer has been the same both years. They gave him the award for making them laugh so they know him well. He had another amazing year! Several kids from his class returned from last year as well so that made it even better for Maddox. His 2 best friends Oliver and Haylon are pictured with him.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

1st Baseball Game of the Season

We wrapped up the busy weekend with a baseball game. Macens team lost 12-2 but they had some great plays. We didn't even get out of the ball park before tornado sirens went off. What made it even worse is that the sirens are located at the ball field, lol. Insanely loud!

Monday, May 2, 2016

1st Communion

Macen had a big weekend. Not only did he celebrate his birthday but also his 1st Communion. So very proud of him and his faith. Almost 2 years ago, he started requesting Bible stories at bedtime and its been part of our routine ever since. While he doesn't always look forward to attending mass, he loves what he gets out of his religion classes.

We went the non traditional route in celebrating at home since he doesn't like cake. Who doesn't love ice cream!

Happy 9th Birthday Macen!

This goofy, smart, easy going guy is 9! He celebrated with friends at a trampoline park. He then opted for Pizza Hut for his birthday dinner. He's not one to pass on a pizza buffet. We love you Macen!