Sunday, December 28, 2014

Santa Came

The much anticipated Skylanders game.

Maddox finally got his own Lego bin. 

A box full of Skylander figures - pretty much the only thing on his list.

A box full of Pokemon figures - pretty much the only thing on his list. 
It's great not having them exposed to commercials or handing them toy catalogs, lol.

Santa gave a family gift with a xbox, several games and more random Skylander figures. The most important game was Minecraft - something Macen has wanted for a very long time now. 

Myles had fun in the aftermath between jumping in and out of boxes to shredding wrapping paper.

The have had a blast with the Skylanders game and bean bags. So much that after 4 straight days of being home, I thought they needed to get out for a bit and was met with resistance from Macen, lol. Also, the last 3 years on Christmas Day in mid-afternoon, Macen has exclaimed "This is the best Christmas ever". So I was hoping for a 4th, lol. He was so distracted with the Trap Team game that I didn't get it until 2 days later. Then I got "This was the most awesome Christmas ever." I'll take it!

Presents from Each Other

Beyond excited he got his own Skylander.

Maddox always gets huge hugs for his gifts to Macen, lol.

All the animals got presents this year. Mo was gracious enough to start Myles' for him and then started on his own. In his defense, Mo's was a catnip toy that had been laying on top of Myles' gift for awhile so I'm pretty sure the scent remained. 

James says fudge instead of a bad 4 letter word and he says it ALOT. So among his presents was some real fudge. The boys didn't find it as amusing as we did.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Cookies for Santa

After much reluctance, they enjoyed decorating them. And then we almost forgot to set some out for Santa.

That's a Wrap...

Jingles has left and here are his last few antics.

Maddox carried the m&m guy around all day.

Jingles was ready for some Sunday football.

Darth Vader sending a clear message to Jingles. When we came back from Christmas Eve mass, Jingles had left the boys some Christmas pjs and minion plushes but he had headed back to the North Pole.

Shrinky Dinks

Our Christmas craft this year was shrinky dinks. The boys colored and decorated a tree with them. They were amazed at how small they ended up being.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Gingerbread House

Maddox just wanted to eat the candy and after he discovered he couldn't just sit there and eat, he was done helping. He managed to do a corner of the house though. Macen held in a little longer this year but I was abandoned when it came time for the roof again. I'm beginning to see a pattern now.

Just Something

He's not picky he just wants something and always thinking of his brother.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Lights, Lights and More Lights

We made the 45 min drive out of town to see an entire park light up. There were lights everywhere! So much for the boys to look at and they enjoyed it.

The Living Nativity

A local church puts on a live nativity reenactment, complete with camels even. We were given a cd to play as we drove through and it explained each scene. It started with the creation of man and woman and ended with Jesus ascending into heaven and promising to come again. It was great to see and simple enough to reinforce what Macen has been learning in religion class.