Sunday, December 28, 2014

Santa Came

The much anticipated Skylanders game.

Maddox finally got his own Lego bin. 

A box full of Skylander figures - pretty much the only thing on his list.

A box full of Pokemon figures - pretty much the only thing on his list. 
It's great not having them exposed to commercials or handing them toy catalogs, lol.

Santa gave a family gift with a xbox, several games and more random Skylander figures. The most important game was Minecraft - something Macen has wanted for a very long time now. 

Myles had fun in the aftermath between jumping in and out of boxes to shredding wrapping paper.

The have had a blast with the Skylanders game and bean bags. So much that after 4 straight days of being home, I thought they needed to get out for a bit and was met with resistance from Macen, lol. Also, the last 3 years on Christmas Day in mid-afternoon, Macen has exclaimed "This is the best Christmas ever". So I was hoping for a 4th, lol. He was so distracted with the Trap Team game that I didn't get it until 2 days later. Then I got "This was the most awesome Christmas ever." I'll take it!