Monday, September 26, 2016


A perfect afternoon of playing in the pirate tent.

1 Mile Race

Macen was selected to participate in the schools Cross Country 1 Mile Race. He was ranked at 2nd place within the 4th grade boys. He came in 3rd place overall at 6 min 57 sec and even beat his own record by a second. Pretty proud of him! We were hoping he would participate in the Cross Country camp but he isn't interested.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Flag Football

Macen started football this past week and had his first game. He found an open spot in the first play of the game and ran for a touchdown. Later he made a great dive to stop a touchdown for the other team.

Some Boilermakers Football

We finally made it to a Purdue football game. We had to sit through some rain but it was still a good time. Not a good game for Purdue though.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cardinals vs Reds

We took full advantage of our last free weekend before sports chaos starts. We made the 3 hr drive to Ohio for a Cardinals game. Cincinnati has a beautiful stadium! Another perfect day trip for us.

Weaver came over to give Maddox the practice ball he had been using and signed the boys' baseball. We were pretty tickled with such a nice gesture. The boys ended up with 3 autographs.

We had great seats - third row from the field. 

A Little Bit of Sun

We headed up north one more time this year. The water was chilly but they (mostly Maddox) didn't care. As soon as we got there, Macen fell in the sand to play for awhile and Maddox headed for the water. 

Playing some football with dad.

Macen kept practicing his cartwheel moves and finally got photobombed by dad

Maddox kept running down the dunes, lol.

After the beach, we went for some ice cream at Bubbles. Then we headed west a little to try a brewery and back to the much loved Albanese candy store :)


Maddox's football season has started. He was able to score a touchdown and get in a fake pass. He was really pumped with both moves afterwards. He doesn't quite get it yet but a few more games and I think he'll have a better understanding of the game.