Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's Macen's Birthday!!!

Here are some pics of our birthday celebration at home. He loved the balloons all over the floor and took more of an interest in the cake today. While he never ate any of it, he did put his fingers in his mouth a couple of times and tasted the frosting. But most of it ended up smeared across his face. He did like taking the cake on and off the plate. He opened his present all by himself other than my initial tear. And he didn't want a single piece of paper left on it.
Happy Birthday little man, we love you so much!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Birthday Party

We had Macen's birthday party April 12th while James was home. That way James was here for the party and our families could see James while he was back. It was a great day. Macen held out well until it was time to go to the high chair for his cake. Here are the party pics and his birthday pics.We went with a prince theme so he wore a crown. He isn't fond of wearing it but wore it without hassle for his pictures (thank goodness). The same can't be said for the party but he had on his 'Little Prince' onesie. He had a crown cake and crown shaped cookies both made by Grandma Meyer and I made mints with a little crown on them. Macen got some great toys and clothes that keep him busy and well dressed. Thank you everyone who shared the day with us.

Cake time

By the time we got to the cake part of the party, Macen was pretty tired and did not want to be constrained. I gave him a spoon to distract him because, well, spoons solve everything :) My mistake because he didn't want to let go of it to dig into his cake. So he used the spoon to jab the cake over and over. I finally got it away from him and he did use his fingers some. But he wanted nothing to do with eating any of it.

Mustang vs. Mustang

For those of you following the mustang saga, James just completed Stage 2 of restoring his old mustang. While he was home, we drove to St Louis and picked it up. The hot rod shop got it painted and it looks fantastic. James was going some internet gazing one day and found a mustang pedal car for Macen so we got that for his birthday gift. Then James got the brilliant idea that Macen's car should match his car. Grandpa Scrogin did a great job in painting the pedal car for Macen. Macen is way too young for the pedal car and he hasn't been a fan of it so far. However, he did start Fred Flintstoning it as James said and it was really cute. There is a video of that below. For now, I think it's going to get stored away until he is a older and can enjoy it more. Afterall, it is his first car and it has to last him atleast another 15 years.

Friday, April 25, 2008

James' R&R

James came home April 5th and left yesterday. He got a few extra days than normal but he had to report to Ft Riley those days to 'work'. Macen took to him immediately at the airport. They had a great time bonding while James was here. James would leave the house for whatever reason, say goodbye to Macen and Macen would cry when he left.
The pic with Macens hand on James' shoulder was Macen helping daddy look for things under the stove. Macen got the Leapfrog fridge set for his birthday and took a liking to the 'O' and 'Q' (for unknown reasons) and both ended up getitng "lost". So James was hauling things out from under the stove and I do mean hauling. Myles loves playing with his mice toys and he pushes them under the stove so far to see if he can get them back out himself (which most of the time he can't). James thought Myles may have pushed it under there . Anyway, at any given time there are atleast a dozen toy mice under there so it's no quick check. Macen was trying to help daddy by using the fly swatter as well as climb on James' back. Not to worry Ken & Stacey, the 'O' and 'Q' have both been found, they weren't under the stove and Macen is happy again.

While James was here we had Macen's 1st birthday party. For me, it was important that James be here for it. James did alot of work on our fabulous yard and the vehicles. James and I also had a night out and went to the Daughtry/Bon Jovi concert.

We had a great time while James was home and miss him already. We wish he could have been here longer but we're grateful for every minute we got with him.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mustang Car

Although Macen is too little for his pedal car, he has gotten some use out of it. With foot power, who cares about gas prices. Oh, and check out his shirt Tammy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First trip to Hooters

Yes, we are those kind of parents. Yes, Macen enjoyed it. Macen went to Hooters for the first time and he got to share the limelight with cousin Carson. The fathers probably enjoyed it more than the boys but everyone had a good time.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

11 months old

Macen is getting more entertaining by the day. He got a new tooth last month. He has started shaking his head yes alot. I can ask alot of funny questions and always get a yes from him. I guess its better than a no. He has become interested in anything going on ontop of the stove. He wants to watch so he now gets daily cooking lessons. Hopefully he will be a good cook like his dad. Macen also found his shadow the other day and that was hilarious. First he saw his arms and legs moving. Then he moved his fingers and watched them move on the floor. He has gotten lots of outdoor time and has taken to picking grass.

On a downside, he has already started biting. Sometimes its due to teething but mostly its when he is angry or frustrated. He may have gotten the impatience from me :)

We have had a rough week with Macen spiking a fever Friday. I took him to the doctor Monday where he was subject to a catheter for a urine sample, blood work and an xray only to be told everything was fine. We got back home and his fever finally went away only to have a rash appear all over his body on Tuesday. So back to the doctor Wednesday where they confirmed he had Roseola. They claim Roseola babies are rarely crabby. Well Macen had a complete personality change. I held him nonstop when he hardly ever lets me hold him and even then he would break into screaming/crying fits. He has gotten back to his happy natured self for the most part. The only good thing that came from the doctors appts is that I found out how much he weighs. He is currently 17lbs 13 oz.