Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We're home and exhausted from vacation

We got home last night after nearly 8 hours on various trains. Macen still isn't feeling well this morning James would tell you. He was thrown up on as he was asking Macen how he was doing. Hopefully this virus runs its course soon.

Paris was great. We had heard the French were rude but we didn't really encounter anyone who was rude to us. Everyone we spoke to was kind and willing to help us. James does think they are rude drivers to one another. We enjoyed our time there but really, you can see everything you need to see in about 4 days unless you like lingering in museums.

Paris was our 2nd vacation since Oct and its the second vacation that has not gone smoothly. We are heading to Venice next month and I am hestiant we should be going. If things happen in 3's, the outlook isn't good, lol. My prediction is it's going to rain the entire week we are in Venice since we have to walk everywhere.

There will lots of pics added in the upcoming days. I have over 500 to sort but it'll depend on how Macen is feeling. Keep checking back.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Paris Day 8: Boat cruise on the Seine River and Carousel rides

Today we took a cruise on the Seine River. It was a nice relaxing time and a chance to see all the famous monuments one more time before we left. Afterwards, we walked along the Seine enjoying another beautiful day. It's kinda nice we stuck around a few more days to enjoy the sun instead of the breezy, chilly days we had here last week. Macen finally started eating some and he got some energy. He wanted to ride all the carousels he saw which ended up being 3. All of these were across the street and river from the Eiffel Tower. He wasn't full of smiles when he rode but for him to actually say he wanted to ride was a big improvement from the last 2 days. And now that we are about to leave, I think he rode every carousel he found except the one we saw yesterday on the Eiffel Tower grounds.

As you can tell, we haven't done anything too exciting the last few days. Partly because of Macen not feeling well and taking atleast 2 naps a day but honestly, we are all Paris'd out, lol. Terrible to say, I know but the time for us to depart is finally here :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Paris Day 7: Laundry and walking around the Eiffel Tower

People at the first level you get dropped off at. You then get on another elevator and go all the way to the top.

Update on Macen: He pretty much stopped throwing up about 3 hours before bedtime last night and slept thru the night. He has thrown up twice today but I think we pushed to keep him hydrated too much and his stomach isn't ready for all of it yet. He doesn't have much energy.

Update on traveling: Looks like our 5 day trip has turned into a 8 day trip. We have seats on a train Tuesday for Germany.

So since our stay was extended, we spent the morning doing laundry :) Between us running out of clothes and Macen throwing up on stuff, we all needed clean clothes. Late this afternoon we walked around the entire outskirts of the Eiffel Tower. It's a beautiful day here today and there were hundreds of people lounging around in the grass, playing, etc.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Paris Day 6: Stuck in Paris with a sick child

We were suppose to head home today but you may have seen the news where a volcano in Iceland erupted. Paris has closed both of their airports for the last 2-3 days and we were affected today. James is searching for ways to get us back to Germany but with so many people affected everything is booked.

It's just as well we didn't leave today though. Shortly, after we went to bed last night Macen woke up vomitting. And he continued to vomit several times an hour through the night. After 12 hours of vomit and his bile turning from yellow to brown, we were prepared to take him to the nearest ER. The hotel called a doctor though and he made a house call to the hotel room to check Macen out. He said it's just viral and to lay off liquids and food for awhile and then ease him back on them. He is down to vomitting about once an hour now. Hopefully he is feeling better by the time we travel back to Germany tomorrow or Monday.

I was joking yesterday there are worse places to be stranded than Paris but now with Macen sick, I think we just want to be home.

Paris Day 5: Aquarium and Luxembourg Gardens


This wasn't the nice aquarium located across the river from the Eiffel Tower but a smaller one available to us through our museum pass. Regardless, Macen enjoyed looking at all the fish, the turtles and the alligators.

Luxembourg Gardens
We took Macen back again since we didn't have anything on the agenda and were hoping to leave the next day. This was where and when Macen got his nasty virus.

Watching the ducks in the pond.

More time in the sand.

We ran into our neighbors this day. They have a little boy just 2 months younger than Macen and they have become fast friends. Once we were able to pry them away from the playground, they wanted to ride the carousel. First they jumped in the wagon and then wanted to ride 1 more time on the horses and try for rings.

This man gave all the kids on the edges little sticks that they were to try and stick in the middle of a ring (which you see him holding out for them). Macen got 3 total but I think he dropped them all during the ride. He had a blast doing it though and tried each time he came around.

Paris Day 4: Musee de l'Armee and Luxembourg Gardens

We used these a lot this week.

There was a small playground on the Eiffel Tower grounds that Macen played at before we went to the top. Although the bird stopped him temporarily.

Us at the very top of the Eiffel Tower.

Musee de l'Armee

Front of the museum

Inside the courtyard.


Napolean's tomb

Where Napolean's tomb resides.

Luxembourg Gardens

This place was probably Macen's favorite part of Paris other than the Eiffel Tower. It was a huge playground including a large sand area which he spend the most time in. There was a carousel right outside the playground Macen had to ride on.

Paris Day 3 Cont'd

Notre Dame

These 2 are of the front of the catherdral. The details are amazing.

A stain glass inside the cathedral.

Another gargoyle.

A view from the top of the Seine River.

Macen peering out at the city at the top of the Notre Dame.


The front of the Louvre. We should have come back in the dark to see it lite up but we didn't.

Macen is wondering why we are having him pose with something that looks human.

A section of the outside of the Louvre. As James said it is a huge, huge place.

Macen spent every chance he got chasing pigeons. It was like nothing else mattered and he had a mission.

The Louvre is divided into sections like sculptures, artwork, etc. We saw the sculptures first and I thought this one was interesting. It was huge.

Ceiling artwork

Jardin de Tuileries

Macen loved the little "ponds" in the gardens. They had ducks and sometimes you could rent these sailboats pictured above. They give you a stick to push your sailboat around in the water.

It was a fairly nice day out this afternoon and the Parisians and tourists lounge by the water.

Macen rode piggyback a lot. Some places wouldn't allow strollers and it's easier to carry him this way, lol.