Saturday, April 17, 2010

Paris Day 3 Cont'd

Notre Dame

These 2 are of the front of the catherdral. The details are amazing.

A stain glass inside the cathedral.

Another gargoyle.

A view from the top of the Seine River.

Macen peering out at the city at the top of the Notre Dame.


The front of the Louvre. We should have come back in the dark to see it lite up but we didn't.

Macen is wondering why we are having him pose with something that looks human.

A section of the outside of the Louvre. As James said it is a huge, huge place.

Macen spent every chance he got chasing pigeons. It was like nothing else mattered and he had a mission.

The Louvre is divided into sections like sculptures, artwork, etc. We saw the sculptures first and I thought this one was interesting. It was huge.

Ceiling artwork

Jardin de Tuileries

Macen loved the little "ponds" in the gardens. They had ducks and sometimes you could rent these sailboats pictured above. They give you a stick to push your sailboat around in the water.

It was a fairly nice day out this afternoon and the Parisians and tourists lounge by the water.

Macen rode piggyback a lot. Some places wouldn't allow strollers and it's easier to carry him this way, lol.