Monday, April 19, 2010

Paris Day 8: Boat cruise on the Seine River and Carousel rides

Today we took a cruise on the Seine River. It was a nice relaxing time and a chance to see all the famous monuments one more time before we left. Afterwards, we walked along the Seine enjoying another beautiful day. It's kinda nice we stuck around a few more days to enjoy the sun instead of the breezy, chilly days we had here last week. Macen finally started eating some and he got some energy. He wanted to ride all the carousels he saw which ended up being 3. All of these were across the street and river from the Eiffel Tower. He wasn't full of smiles when he rode but for him to actually say he wanted to ride was a big improvement from the last 2 days. And now that we are about to leave, I think he rode every carousel he found except the one we saw yesterday on the Eiffel Tower grounds.

As you can tell, we haven't done anything too exciting the last few days. Partly because of Macen not feeling well and taking atleast 2 naps a day but honestly, we are all Paris'd out, lol. Terrible to say, I know but the time for us to depart is finally here :)