Sunday, April 11, 2010


James did a half marathon down near Regensburg in a town called Kallmunz. The race was right around the Naab River and Macen enjoyed watching the water flow and the ducks swim. They also had a bounce house for the kids and he spent a lot of time in there.

James signed Macen up for the kids race that took place before James'. It was for a quarter of a mile and Macen had been talking all morning about going to run with dad. Well guess who didn't want to run when it came time? He cried and cried and refused to get out of his stroller when all the kids were lining up. Once they shot the gun, he jumped out of the stroller only to not go anywhere. He had a number, a timing chip and running shoes but none of it mattered. He loves running and is a fast runner already so we were shocked he didn't want to participate.