Saturday, April 17, 2010

Paris Day 5: Aquarium and Luxembourg Gardens


This wasn't the nice aquarium located across the river from the Eiffel Tower but a smaller one available to us through our museum pass. Regardless, Macen enjoyed looking at all the fish, the turtles and the alligators.

Luxembourg Gardens
We took Macen back again since we didn't have anything on the agenda and were hoping to leave the next day. This was where and when Macen got his nasty virus.

Watching the ducks in the pond.

More time in the sand.

We ran into our neighbors this day. They have a little boy just 2 months younger than Macen and they have become fast friends. Once we were able to pry them away from the playground, they wanted to ride the carousel. First they jumped in the wagon and then wanted to ride 1 more time on the horses and try for rings.

This man gave all the kids on the edges little sticks that they were to try and stick in the middle of a ring (which you see him holding out for them). Macen got 3 total but I think he dropped them all during the ride. He had a blast doing it though and tried each time he came around.