Saturday, April 17, 2010

Paris Day 3: Notre Dame and the Louvre

Today we made it to the Cathedral of Notre Dame, The Louvre, The Rue de Rivoli and The Jardin de Tuileries. We actually went to Notre Dame twice since James had left the card to his camera in the laptop after uploading pictures last night. Here are the pictures after we went back to get his card.

For some reason neither of us could get a good picture of the Mona Lisa, the only thing either of us really wanted to see in The Louvre, can you tell we aren't art nuts? These were the best off of James' camera.One of the long hallways in The Louvre, we read somewhere that there are over 16KM of hallways in the building, that's almost 10 miles, we didn't walk all of it since we were having issues with Macen's stroller and all of the stairs.
The Cathedral of Notre Dame. Once again we walked all the way to the top of the towers across the front of the building and then down again. I don't remember how many steps but James did carry Macen.A close up of a couple of the gargoyle rain spouts. Kind of scary looking huh?Inside the Cathedral, it was huge. When we went in the morning there was actually a mass going on around the altar. Macen riding one of the carrousels, this one in the Jardin de Tuileries.

Angelina's Tea Room Restuarant. We stopped in here for some hot chocolate and chocolate candy, the hot chocolate literally tasted like melted thick rich milk chocolate and the chocolate caramel candies were to die for. This was a recommended online if you love hot chocolate so this was a must stop for me.
We also tried the chocolate mousse (okay, I'll be honest, I tried it 4 times) It was different every time and really, really good each time. The French are also famous for their macaroons but they don't make them with coconut. We aren't coconut fans so these were also on my list to try. We weren't overly impressed with them. There is quite the variety but we tried the strawberry, chocolate and what we thought the guy called caramel. We must have misunderstood him because we think it was coffee. I stuck with the mousse the rest of the time.