Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun times!

We headed to Fritz's for lunch. The boys loved all the trains going around.

And then off to Great Wolf Lodge. Ken and Stacey invited us to hang with them at the waterpark and everyone had a great time. Macen was all about the slides. He went down all of them - big and small, dark and winding. Maddox hung in the baby pool for a bit before we got on a tube and floated the  lazy river. Stacey suggested it was a great place for a nap so I had high hopes Maddox would crash for a bit and he did. So momma and Maddox floated while dad and Macen went from slide to slide, floating and swimming around the lazy river. No pics though since we were all having a blast. These were captured just before we left. Thanks for a great weekend Ken and Stacey!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Fins to the Left, Fins to the Right

Jimmy was in town so James and I left the boys with a sitter and had a great time with Ken and Stacey. Our seats were way, way up there but thanks to my super zoom lens, we got a good view of Jimmy performing.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

9 months old

Sweet baby lips!

He is completely obssessed with the camelbak. When he sees me filling it or drinking from it, he squeals until he gets it. Macen has a couple smaller ones that we've tried putting his milk in but no go. He only wants mama's. Sippy cups might be pointless for us since he has already figured out the whole straw thing. As of now, he wants nothing to do with one.

Maddox is growing and growing. He is now 19.13lbs and 28 inches. The doctor said he is just perfect - not too tall, not too short, not too skinny and not too chubby, lol. No shots this go around so Macen was spared the pain of being in the same room as they poke his brother. Haha!

Maddox is on the verge of walking. He started taking steps last week and walks pretty well when holding onto just one of our fingers. He lets go of whatever he has pulled up to a lot and thinks about taking a step but then slowly lowers himself to the ground. He now says mom, mama and ba. He has also started mimicing other sounds we are making. He got his 2 upper teeth in and those came with lots of discomfort. James and I even had a little suffering with those as well :) Not so much with the waking in the night but him fighting his naps and feedings for about a week. Maddox also gives high fives now. It's very cute and amuses his daddy.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Parents Night Out

We got all dressed up for a formal. Nights like these always reinforce this lifestyle is for us and it's completely worth it.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny found the boys! And I have to say he rocked their baskets this year. Macen is really into Lego Ninjago, Angry Birds, Star Wars and Scooby Doo right now. Macen got a little of all those in his basket along with a chocolate bunny. He was one happy boy all day! He doesn't really like candy so these small toys go over much better for this holiday. Maddox got some baby food and puffs along with a toothbrush, a couple toys, a dvd set and a ball.

Every year he starts off the egg hunt at home with just his hands, lol. We also bought him a new basket this year for egg hunting (Star Wars). I thought maybe he would want a more grown up one. He's had the same 2 every year since his first Easter and apparently he is pretty partial to those because he keeps using the turtle and elephant for his egg hunts.

Diving into the loot!

Our Easter Craft - Pinterest Inspired

Paint in shaving cream! Genuis! Macen loved it. He kept wanting to make more and more. I think we'll be doing more shaving cream projects in the near future.

Coloring Eggs #5

Our last dozen of the season. These were some sparkly marbled eggs. They didn't turn out too bad and were very easy for Macen to do all on his own. I am hoping they peel okay for James and aren't sticky like the ones we painted on with the sponge rollers.

Our Little Bunny

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The countdown has begun!

The freezer is almost full. Only a couple of more weeks of pumping and Maddox with have milk until he is atleast 1. I am so ready to say goodbye to the pump and gain 3 hrs of my day back. I also know I am going to be incredibly sad when all this is gone and probably wish I had pumped longer. But for now, I will enjoy my excitement as I place each bag in the freezer knowing I am closer to being done 8 ounces at a time :)

Egg hunt

Our subdivision held an egg hunt for the kids and Macen snagged a ton of eggs. There was a fantastic donation of eggs for the event (over 1,100) with probably 30 kids there to search for them. Everyone left with a basket full. Dad was even able to snatch another egg for Maddox.

And Macen found a bunny stamp in one of the eggs. So what does a kid do when his parents aren't looking - stamp his face, of course.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Coloring Eggs #4

This time we colored on hot eggs with crayon. It melts instantly! We used left over crayons from our canvas project. Macen loved doing this one. He did get bored after awhile though so we used the PAAS color swabs on the other half of the eggs. While they work well, I don't think would have made it through a dozen eggs.

Left side is the color swabs and the right side is crayons.