Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun times!

We headed to Fritz's for lunch. The boys loved all the trains going around.

And then off to Great Wolf Lodge. Ken and Stacey invited us to hang with them at the waterpark and everyone had a great time. Macen was all about the slides. He went down all of them - big and small, dark and winding. Maddox hung in the baby pool for a bit before we got on a tube and floated the  lazy river. Stacey suggested it was a great place for a nap so I had high hopes Maddox would crash for a bit and he did. So momma and Maddox floated while dad and Macen went from slide to slide, floating and swimming around the lazy river. No pics though since we were all having a blast. These were captured just before we left. Thanks for a great weekend Ken and Stacey!