Thursday, February 28, 2013

Science days

With 2 more snow days, came more Pinterest projects. We didn't do much on Tuesday but play with foam stickers, watch movies and play games. Maddox decided he was going to be up most of the night so that left very little energy to function :)
Yesterday we did some science projects though:
We made homemade bouncy balls. They don't bounce as much as the store bought ones and I was thankful for that. The boys lost interest in them quickly though. I think they got 5 mins of play out of them before they ended up in the trash towards the end of the day.

This was goop mixed with koolaid. Apparently, there is enough acid in the koolaid packet to make a chemical reaction with the baking soda. This kept Macen entertained for awhile. Maddox even sprinkled some mixture into the goop.

Maddox's sprinkles inspired us to sprinkle even more and we got this cool look above.

I told Maddox to smell it and I guess he smells with his mouth :) It smelled really good while playing with it. This was a lot of fun to play with.

We've done this one several times before but it is always entertaining. Mixing vinegar and baking soda together for a reaction

Then we made fluffy stuff with cornstarch and shaving cream. It wasn't a huge hit with either of them though.

Maddox ate it - TWICE! He didn't like it the first time so not sure why he thought he would a second time. You know I sit new foods in front of him often enough with a spoon and he will shake his head no at me. I sit a tray of cornstarch and shaving cream with a spoon in front of him and he takes 2 bites. Baffles me!

We used the leftover koolaid powder to add to Macen's mixture. He played for about 10 mins and then ran off. He wasn't interested in molding it or anything.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow color

Macen marking his tunnel

Our finished fort

Macen thought we should color the snowballs and we had a great result from it.

The front yard is covered in orange, blue and green from our snowball fight.
We had a lot of fun but I am so done playing in the snow. I hope the sun comes soon and melts it all away.

More Snow

More snow, more fun! We were able to build a snowman this time. Between the massive amount of new snow and the neighbor boys shoveling the driveway, our tunnel got closed in. The boys started a new tunnel for Macen so we finished that out and then started on our snowfort. Macen being silly inside of it partially done. Then he started markings on the walls like a caveman and accidentlly pushed the wall down! So we came inside and work on it again today. Since there is so much snow, you can barely see the walls. We will have to fix that today.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


While Macen was taking a bath tonight I noticed he had a rash over most of his body and his cheeks. I just started laughing and couldn't stop. I mean he has barely been in school this month and now yet another thing to potentially keep him home. He is already going to miss Tuesday of this upcoming week from another snow storm coming in. His first words before I even said anything was "I am never going to get to go to school". We aren't completely tired of each other yet but him being in school wouldn't hurt either one of us ;). I do think it's just a heat rash since we were playing before bath time but we'll know more when he wakes. Fingers crossed it's gone by morning.

Snow Tunnel

We made a tunnel out of the mound the boys were sledding down. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pinterest Kind of Days

Macen has yet to have a full week of school this month. He has missed because of Parent Teacher Conferences, sickness, a funeral and now snow. We have managed to keep busy but being stuck inside because we had to be brought on a new challenge. Pinterest makes times like this pretty easy though :)

We played with cottonballs some more.


Worked on coordination with pipe cleaners. Macen even liked this one.

Maddox painting with cool whip.

While Macen used glue, salt and colored water. The salt makes the colors spread pretty quickly.

Maddox eating his "paint".

James, Macen made a pic with him, his brother and a dog. Thought you might like that one.

He won't eat the cookies but he sure likes the dough! I guess he is going to be a raw cookie dough eater like his momma. He did indulge me slightly by picking out a chocolate chip from one of the baked cookies.
Thanks Pinterest for keeping the boys occupied the last 2 1/2 days!

Snow Ice Cream

We had snow ice cream - regular and chocolate (added some cocoa to it). Macen wasn't a fan of it overall obvisiously but I give him props for trying both. Maddox was all about the chocolate one.

Baked Cottonballs

We coated cottonballs in a flour mixture and then baked them. This kept the boys occupied for quite awhile between coating them and then breaking them apart.

Maddox kept busy with dumping cottonballs back and forth between bowls. And with water and popsicle sticks so even better, lol.

Here they are out of the oven

I should have baked them just a little longer because most of them weren't "crisp". The boys had a hard time getting them open without using their fingers. Poor Maddox trying with all his might :) But again, a big time consumer so it was fun and a hit.