Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pinterest Kind of Days

Macen has yet to have a full week of school this month. He has missed because of Parent Teacher Conferences, sickness, a funeral and now snow. We have managed to keep busy but being stuck inside because we had to be brought on a new challenge. Pinterest makes times like this pretty easy though :)

We played with cottonballs some more.


Worked on coordination with pipe cleaners. Macen even liked this one.

Maddox painting with cool whip.

While Macen used glue, salt and colored water. The salt makes the colors spread pretty quickly.

Maddox eating his "paint".

James, Macen made a pic with him, his brother and a dog. Thought you might like that one.

He won't eat the cookies but he sure likes the dough! I guess he is going to be a raw cookie dough eater like his momma. He did indulge me slightly by picking out a chocolate chip from one of the baked cookies.
Thanks Pinterest for keeping the boys occupied the last 2 1/2 days!