Friday, February 8, 2013

1 month down...

less than 11 to go. And this is what Maddox thinks of it:

We've gotten into a good routine since James left. Maddox started hourly care and he likes being there and seeing other kids. Drop offs have gotten worse though so hopefully it improves once he understands what is going on better. He was fine the first time, was near tears when I picked him up the second time and the third time he was crying when I left him. Macen is distracted with school so that is a blessing.

The boys get to see dad 2-3 times a week and they love it. Macen likes showing off for James and Maddox is even "answers" James' questions. James has the boys doing high fives, knucks and fingers through FaceTime. All 3 of them love it! Maddox also likes to hug or kiss James through the phone. He manages to hang up on James with either his kisses or while doing fingers almost every time. As soon as it happens he either laughs or says "o".

Movie time!

I was cutting up a lemon and both boys wanted a slice. They both walked around with them for awhile and sucked them dry.

Mo isn't sure what to think with Maddox taking a liking to him lately. Not only is he getting things put on him but Maddox had started making Mo lay down by pushing on his back. Mo fights it but only for so long before he gives in.