Saturday, December 26, 2015

"Santa went crazy with the presents"

This is what Macen said as James and I came downstairs. We made them wait to open our family presents until Christmas morning this year so the tree was much fuller than it normally is. And there is a common theme amongst all the pictures - the expression on their faces!

They had been wanting a Wii U since the summer and I finally decided to cave on it for Christmas. I don't think they were expecting it or the games they got for it.

Santa got them Star Wars and Minecraft Legos, remote control cars, Star Wars toys and a Star Wars trunk full of all things Star Wars - bowls, cups, shirts, socks, BB8 car, BB8 plush, keychains, candy, etc. We had a great Christmas relaxing and playing. On Christmas Eve, Macen had stated it was the best Christmas Eve ever and then early Christmas morning, Maddox gave a best Christmas ever. James says my streak is intact, lol.

We are Family

Gingerbread House

Once again, Maddox was just there to eat the candy, lol. He did help with one side but he either kept asking for candy or swiping it. 

We'll miss our Elf

The boys miss him already. Jingles finished up by leaving the boys some Christmas Star Wars pjs and this year, mom and dad got Christmas pjs too.

Jingles got stuck in a balloon.

For your Lego Star Wars enjoyment.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cookies for Santa

We made our cookies for Santa. This year Santa gets some cookie with his frosting. Thought we'd mix it up a bit instead of a lots of sprinkles/little cookie. I suppose the ratio will even out as the boys age, lol.

Busy Little Guy

Maddox wasn't amused with the wrapped backpacks. He just wanted his unwrapped.

Macen thought this was great!

Jingles made his own Christmas lights.

And Elf bowling!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Lafayette's Living Nativity

Driving through the living nativity was worth a repeat this year. Macon really enjoyed it and Maddox showed a lot more interest.

That Silly Elf...

Jingles has been busy amusing the boys!

Star Wars snow flakes. Dad spent some time on those!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

In the holiday spirit

We finally had time to get the tree up and get lights on the house this weekend. It's starting to feel a lot more like Christmas now.

He's back....

The boys were excited to see Jingles again. This year he brought along some "stuffs" for them. They got to name them but they have to return to the North Pole with Jingles. I thought this was a great idea given how much Maddox loves "stuffs". It was also a bad idea given how much Maddox loves "stuffs".  The first day he was in tears multiple times because he didn't want his reindeer to leave on Christmas Eve. He wants to keep him forever. We'll see how this plays out this month.

All the boys ended up with underwear on the fan.


The top of the seat lid says Ho, Ho, Ho. One of the their faves along with the hidden candy canes which Jingles has already done.

He watched us put our tree and wanted to make one of his own.