Sunday, December 6, 2015

He's back....

The boys were excited to see Jingles again. This year he brought along some "stuffs" for them. They got to name them but they have to return to the North Pole with Jingles. I thought this was a great idea given how much Maddox loves "stuffs". It was also a bad idea given how much Maddox loves "stuffs".  The first day he was in tears multiple times because he didn't want his reindeer to leave on Christmas Eve. He wants to keep him forever. We'll see how this plays out this month.

All the boys ended up with underwear on the fan.


The top of the seat lid says Ho, Ho, Ho. One of the their faves along with the hidden candy canes which Jingles has already done.

He watched us put our tree and wanted to make one of his own.