Saturday, December 26, 2015

"Santa went crazy with the presents"

This is what Macen said as James and I came downstairs. We made them wait to open our family presents until Christmas morning this year so the tree was much fuller than it normally is. And there is a common theme amongst all the pictures - the expression on their faces!

They had been wanting a Wii U since the summer and I finally decided to cave on it for Christmas. I don't think they were expecting it or the games they got for it.

Santa got them Star Wars and Minecraft Legos, remote control cars, Star Wars toys and a Star Wars trunk full of all things Star Wars - bowls, cups, shirts, socks, BB8 car, BB8 plush, keychains, candy, etc. We had a great Christmas relaxing and playing. On Christmas Eve, Macen had stated it was the best Christmas Eve ever and then early Christmas morning, Maddox gave a best Christmas ever. James says my streak is intact, lol.