Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cowboys Thanksgiving Day Game

After a 6 yr hiatus from the Thanksgiving Day game, we were back and it was the boys' first time to TX (or atleast the first time Macen can remember). It was fun to share the game day with them starting from our traditional breakfast at Denny's to "tailgating" to eating at Humperdinck's after the game. We didn't do our normal tailgating of precooked turkey breast, instant potatoes and rolls since this was our first time at the new stadium but we did snack on chips and soda while James played football with the boys. As the parking lot filled up, the boys found some other kids to play football with.

They weren't thrilled with the hats and refused to take them to the stadium. 

We had a huge screen in front of us to get a better view of the game. We were way up in the expensive cheap seats.

Luke Bryan was the half time entertainment.