Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Royals vs. Indians

We went to another game last night. This time Grandma and Mariah join Macen for a game. Macen had a blast running around since we basically had an entire section to ourselves. Not much attendance on a Monday night and with schools back in session. And Mariah and Macen made it on the JumboTron!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Tri

Just Tri is one of those slogans that triathlete's put on bumper stickers, banners and whatever else they are showing off. It's also Shantel's favorite saying compared to some others that are out there. It also pretty much sums up this weekend's experience at the Pigman Half Iron Distance Triathlon.

Going into this race I really wanted to improve my time from IM 70.3 KS, but I had to be honest and recognize that my diet and swim workouts really hadn't been what they were supposed to be leading up to this race. I'd had several good bikes and runs but not nearly as many as I'd had leading up to IM 70.3 KS. So realistically I was looking at maintaining the 6:09 and with a little luck improving on it. Well luck didn't hold out.

It rained all night Sunday and there was only a big enough break for us to get the truck loaded and headed to the race site. The race announcer let everyone know that it looked like there would be heavy rain and high winds but no lighting so the race would go on. Yeah, just what I wanted high winds and rain.

Here are the pictures.Checking my watch before the start of the swim. I've had a hard time getting my splits right and I wanted to make sure I remembered for this race.And we're off. About this point Shantel told Macen "There goes Daddy" and he yelled "Go Dadda Go" really loud twice causing everyone around to burst out laughing. I had some difficulties on the swim. The rain and the high winds made it hard for me to see the orange bouys, I missed the first two and only found the third after I stopped lifted off my goggles and looked for it. I had to repeat that process several times, a little frustrating. I didn't get too far off course, just enough to bother me though. It was a long run up hill from the beach to the transition area.Hydrating before I head out on the bike. Everything was soaked by the rain. I mean everything. I managed to yell at Shantel and tell her to get me dry pair of socks from the truck and give them to me for the next transition. Technically probably illegal but I'm never in contention to place at these longer ones any way.Who turned the fan on???? Remember those high winds I talked about early. They were definitely out there during the bike. I saw several guys who peeled off and headed back to the start, just giving up and there were also several who had flat tires that didn't even bother fixing them, they just called it a day and waited for the Sag Wagon. It took almost all my self discipline not to join them. Really it was that bad.

Check out the chart below. It shows average wind speed and recorded wind gusts for Cedar Rapids, IA 16 Aug 09. I was on the bike course from 9am to 12 am. Average wind speed 12-15 mph and gusts of 30-48mph. I swear the corn was bent halfway over!!!

Checking my splits after the bike and going out on the run. I've got dry socks and I'm feeling good now, although I'm realizing I'm not going to break 6 hours. The good feelings lasted the first 5 miles until stomach cramps set in. I ended up finishing the race running about 1/4 to a 1/2 mile stopping bending over and putting my hands on my knees, having a gas attack then walking about 50-75 paces to make sure the attack was over then running again. I pity anyone who was behind me during those gas attacks.
The run to the finish 6hrs 47 min. Not exactly where I wanted to be but I didn't quit, I just kept Triing. (I couldn't resist the pun) Also a bad day as a 35 year old still beats a good day as a 26 year old and that old time of 7hrs 30.
This was was the end of my triathlon season.
I'm still doing the Omaha Marathon at the end of September, but it's time to wind down the workouts. I'm starting to scout some races in Europe. I'm not signing up for anything yet but there are some ITU Olympic distance races over there that should be interesting and the IM 70.3 series has 5 races and I'm really looking at doing IM 70.3 Switzerland. Image that a half Ironman in the Swiss Alps. I bet there are some hills to climb in that race.
I want to thank everyone who came out and watched me race this year, Lori, Jamie, Shannon, Stacy, Mariah, Ruder, Kelly, Jennifer, Hugh. It really does give me a little extra burst when I see you all and hear you cheering. Thanks a lot.

Hanging with Friends

We went to IA over the weekend and Macen got to play with Ava again. They threw rocks in the pond and later Macen made a new friend :)

Two weekends ago Jacob came to see Macen. The boys had a blast playing all day. And they got to go to Hooters together!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


We had a busy weekend last weekend but it was so much fun! Macen had kids to play with everywhere we went. We got to visit with lots of friends and family. So much so that I didn't get the camera out enough. These are the only pics I got and it was at the hotel pool.
Macen played in the water for a bit then wanted out. So he spent the rest of the time pushing daddy and his cousins into the water. He loved it and was so proud of himself.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dreaming of Autobahns and Mustangs

We just got an email from one of our friends in Germany and she told Shantel I was going to be highly disappointed in the Autobahn since there weren't many places left where there weren't any speed limits. I guess it's just as well I'm leaving both the convertible and the project car in the states. Besides the convertible has a governor on it and the project car doesn't run yet. But just maybe I can convince Shantel I NEED a new Shelby. Yeah right I can dream she's NEVER gonna let me have a third Mustang. In the mean time those dreams look kind of like the video below.