Sunday, September 18, 2011

Keeping Macen Occupied

With most of Shantel's attention focused on Maddox these days, I've been trying to come up with ways to keep Macen occupied.  We've started going for runs where I push him in the Bob Stroller and that's a hit, but his attention span even with the videos on the iPad lasts only about 5 miles and I like to run longer than that on most days.  What seems to have been the best idea for both me and him is the introduction of Star Wars Legos.  He is still a little small for them but he does help me put them together and then he does spend several hours in pretend play with them.  I let him keep them for a couple of weeks and then we hang them from his ceiling with Macen directing where they get hung and who's chasing who.  I provide some input but the final decision is all Macen's.  Here's the results of the last couple of months.

The Episode III Battle of Coruscant
He stares at them when he goes to bed and makes shooting noises and sometimes tells me which ones get shot down.  He is fascinated by them.

Macen and  I think we need more legos, especially the larger capital ships.  Mom thinks we have enough.  It's a good thing I've found a website that has people selling used sets so I don't have to spend too much.  That keeps Mom from getting too grouchy.

A word of warning.  Don't let Macen hold the camera as you make a tweak to the legos hanging from the ceiling.  You never know what he might do with the it.

I think we have a budding photographer, he just needs to work on his subject matter.  My backside is not that photogenic.


Jennifer said...

Jeez, that is an angle I could have gone without see!!! LOL!