Wednesday, September 7, 2011


                                                                             Berlin Zoo

This time Macen was all about the rhinos.

Hard Rock

Maddox slept through his first Hard Rock experience. Ironically, Macens first Hard Rock was in Munich.

                                                                 Berlin Highlights

Victory Column

Brandenburg Gate

I was wearing Maddox when Macen got pretty cranky and tired so we put him in Maddox's carseat which was attached to the sit n stand stroller. He eventually fell asleep but was very confused and unhappy when he woke up in an infant seat.

Beer on wheels! Everyone around the bar peddles but the main person in the middle (who I assume isn't drinking - atleast not as much) steers. Notice the keg on the front.

We lounged in the yard in front of the Reichstag for awhile. James got some shut eye, Maddox stretched his legs and Macen got to run around and play some.

The Reichstag

                                                A portion of the Berlin Wall still standing

Checkpoint Charlie

We went to the Ritter Sport chocolate store where you can make your own chocolate. You pick up to 3 items you want mixed with either white or dark chocolate and then come back later and pick up your chocolate bar. Macen selected strawberry pieces, sprinkles and gummi bears to put in his chocolate. He wasn't willing to try it but mom and dad thought it was rather tasty. Yes, even with gummi bears in it.

Next we went to a little more upscale chocolate store - Fassbender Rausch. The lower level is a chocolate store and the upstairs is a restaurant. We didn't have time to make it upstairs but reviews said the desserts are pretty amazing. Macen enjoyed looking at all the things they made out of chocolate like the volcano above. It was amazing how big the store/selection is downstairs.

The boys hanging out at the apartment we rented.