Friday, September 14, 2012

14 months

A goofy little boy! Maddox has adjusted well to Macen being in school all day. It means lots of reading time with mom. He loves, loves, loves books. It's the first thing he goes for after waking up from the night or naptime. Of course, all this reading has led to him repeating words or atleast making an attempt to repeat them. His favorite word right now is go and dog. Go is something he will say on his own a lot with all other words prompted after we say them.
He's really into imitating Macen right now whether it be washing himself in the bathtub or finding a sword and pretending to be a ninja. He is also quite the helper with laundry. He loves putting clothes into the washing machine. He is also very eager to climb things. He can climb onto the couch if James has the foot rest up. And he has managed to climb onto a tote and toy so far. He has made attempts with the kitchen bench. I'm not sure I am ready for that yet :) He has stairs mastered so he has free roam of the house without constant supervision. That wont be happening anymore once he can climb up to the tables.
We have made progress in getting rid of the bottle - just this week, lol. He is down to 1 bottle a day and I think we will be cutting that out here in the next couple of weeks without much of a problem.