Tuesday, March 1, 2011


We are in the middle of Fasching over here. It's the big celebration before lent starts. It's such a big deal that Macen doesn't have school a couple days next week because of it. Parades, costume balls and lots of beer drinking take place during this time. Macen's school has been celebrating with the theme "A trip around the world". The kids were divided into groups and represent a part of the world.

Macen was part of the group representing America so he had to come dressed as something from there. We thought a cowboy costume fit well for America. He also had to bring a snack for the buffet that represented America so I made mini apple pies.

Yesterday they continued the celebration and they could dress up as anything they wanted. He was not thrilled with the headpiece to his costume as you can see.

So he swapped it out for his knight helmet and was much happier. Macen has enjoyed the parties at school lately. They are done dressing up but I think they are still celebrating all this week.


Jennifer said...

He looks so cute!!!