Sunday, April 28, 2013

Poor eating techniques

Any proper eating habits were thrown out the door tonight. With less than 4 hours of sleep and a head cold that has kicked my butt for days, I had no energy to fight him.

Eating applesauce. He has done this before so I went back to the squeezeable kind. Guess we'll be sticking with the squeezeables for a while longer.

ETA: I should explain the way he eats his applesauce. He scoops it out with his hands, pumps his fists to hear the squishy sound, slurps it off his hands and whatever is left on his hands gets smeared on the table for him to lick/suck it off. All kinds of improperness going on here.

Literally sucking the frosting off

Not sure what started this but he did finish the whole thing.

Now he is sucking the cheese off. And yes this was the order he ate his dinner in. He must not have approved of the cut up pizza he started off with.

He went straight from the dinner table to the bath tub.