Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Opening presents he got in the mail. We saved these for the morning of his birthday.

Opening presents from us:

Dad putting together the pirate ship. He couldn't wait to play with it.
Macen had a low key birthday with candy and presents in the morning and then early evening we took him to a toy store in Amberg that he loves going to. He got some bubbles and picked out a sand toy. After dinner, he got to open more presents and eat his birthday cake. I think he had a great day!

Our masterpiece! Macen and I made the cake ourselves. I have been wanting to work with fondant and have a cake for Macen in fondant so this was my task. It didn't work out the way I wanted it to but Macen was very confident he wanted an alphabet cake. So he got it! He cut out all the letters on the bottom row. And then he placed the candy alphabet on the top all by himself. He had spotted these candy letters at the store a couple of months ago and every single time we went to the store he reminded me he wanted an alphabet cake for his birthday. So I let him buy them this week and he was so excited. He loved helping with it!

While James and I ate cake, he ate a fondant letter. Then he took off all the letters and began spelling words with them.


Joann and Hugh said...

What a cake! Shantel, you and Macen were busy. How long did it take Dad to put together the ship?

Looks like everyone had a great day! Can't believe Macen is already 3.

Stacy said...

Shantel, the cake looks amazing! Way to go!!!


Jennifer said...

Wow Shantel, I love the cake!!!!! I may have to hire you to make Claire's first birthday cake! :-)

Shantel said...

Thanks for the compliments but Macen is getting cupcakes next year. Lol!