Friday, May 14, 2010

Deployment Ceremony

The US and Germany flag along with the Regiment Colors.

Casing of the colors. The colors are cased and then unveiled once they reach their deployment destination. Once they return there will be another ceremony uncasing the colors again signifying they are home. Not a great view but we were behind a big group of people.

The ceremony was very nice, a reality check but nice nonetheless. To a military spouse, this ceremony means our soldiers will be leaving anytime now. James won't leave until next month but guys will start departing from here on out. It rained on us throughout the ceremony and once it was over, it came a little harder. Along with the ceremony there is a festival, Volkfest, going on for several days. Carnival rides, games, wurst, beer, etc. We weren't up for sticking around in the rain to experience it but we'll head back out there sometime in the next 3 days to see what its all about.

Here are some German soldiers. They stood on the field with our guys and a lot of the local Germans came out for the ceremony. There are 3 small towns immediately close to post that are very supportive of the military. Whether a soldier and his/her family to choose to live off post or get here within a time housing is not offered on post, they live in these German communities. So there is a lot of interaction between the Americans and Germans.


Stacy said...

It's very neat that they celebrate a deployment. To most it's a very sad time, so to lighten the situation is amazing!!!

Happy Birthday James and know that we will be thinking of all 3 of you during your deployment!! Be safe and we love you all!!!