Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Venice Day 1- Cont'd

Doge's Palace

View from the interior of the bridge.

The Bridge of Sighs
Hard Rock Cafe

The view we had from our table at Hard Rock. Apparently, this is the most popular spot to catch a gondola ride ans were we got on our gondola.

Gondola Ride

I was trying to get all 3 of us on the ride but I failed as you can see. While we were eating and watching others get their cruise, there was a photographer taking pics you could buy and if you wanted a bottle of wine for the cruise, they had some on hand for an additional price. We decided prior to the ride we wanted the pic and the bottle of wine. The photographer disappeared about 2 couples in front of us and they ran out of wine right before our turn to get on a gondola.

We went under a bridge here. There are over a hundred bridges in Venice connecting you from one neighborhood and canal to another. All different kinds of bridges - wooden, wrought iron, brick, long, short, wide, etc.

View of the Rialto Bridge from the gondola.

Rialto Bridge

Views of the Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge

Smaller canal

I really like this pic. It's something you see constantly throughout Venice and it just looks calm and peaceful.

This is the hotel we stayed at with an entrance to arrive by water taxi. We didn't opt for this mode of transportation due to the outrageous cost of it. They pick you up at the airport and its about a 30-40 min ride to the entryway for 50-100 Euro. I read various prices but translated to dollars it wasn't going to be under $60. The water bus worked great for us and for much less.