Thursday, May 20, 2010

Venice Day 3 - Murano Island

Murano Island

We went out to an island just off of Venice where they do a lot of glass blowing. These items are sold worldwide. We were disappointed though. We imagined shop after shop of glass items for sale and we had a hard time finding stores. It seemed to be more of a residential island than anything. Don't get me wrong, we did find shopping but we thought it would be streets lined with shops. We had already decided we wanted to buy some winestoppers with the blown glass on top so we were shopping for those. We just weren't impressed with any we saw so we waited to go back to Venice to purchase some. But before we left, we did get to watch a glass blowing demonstration. It was pretty interesting to see the liquid glass form and melt and be shaped.

Wandering around

This is front of a wooden toy store which was really nice. James insisted I pose with the chick hanging out front.

We were also on the hunt for a chocolate store this afternoon. We had success and failure! We found a nice little store where I got to choose the pieces we wanted and I got an assortment. And none of them were very good! As James said, Italy isn't known for their chocolate. I guess I need to stick to the gelato while in Italy. Speaking of chocolate though, we had a layover in Zurich, Switzerland and they serve chocolate when they offer the beverage service! Wow! And it was really good chocolate and it was a nice serving nice! Since all 4 of our flights were with Swiss Air, we got their chocolate 4 times. Macen loved it and was trying to swiped James' chocolate when his was gone. Did I mention it was really good chocolate...

Macen was playing with James new hat during dinner. We had amazing food while in Venice, of course. Who doesn't love pizza and pasta?! In Venice (and this may be true for other places in Italy), they charge you a cover charge or sitting fee when you sit down in a restaurant. Typically its 3.50 Euro per person. So for the 3 of us to sit and eat it would have been nearly an additional $15 added to the bill. We knew this before going so we were on the lookout for it. We did find a few restaurants who didn't charge this seating fee. Other times we just found a little joint where you take your food to go - much cheaper and no seating fees. One of these places, we found amazing brushetta pizza. It was a crispy crust with olive oil and piled with onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and olives. We found it the first day we were there and loved it so much we went back a second time.

James got an iPad for his birthday and brought it along. There is a deer hunter game on it that Macen loves. He has learned how to work the iPad and the game all by himself. Here is James and Macen fighting over the game during our layover.
We had a great vacation....FINALLY! As James said, the weather was perfect. We were surrounded by water which we love. We had amazing food and lots of ice cream. It was relaxing and not rushed. I guess we should have known it was going to be great because all day Monday during our travels and atleast once a day Macen said "Wow! This is gonna be fun"