Sunday, May 16, 2010


We headed out to Volksfest since the rain stopped for the day. James enjoyed a big beer and we got some Donors (roasted turkey with lettuce and tomato in a bun eaten like a pita) and some very delicious chocolate covered strawberries. It wasn't bad when we got there but suddenly we got very cold and since we had seen all there was to see (it was a pretty small event), we headed home despite Macen's pleas to stay.
This was at the end of the Amazon rainforest "ride". It was set up like a haunted house but was a rainforest theme where you stepped on stones thru water, walked on tight ropes, etc. This spinning deal was at the end and the entire reason Macen wanted to do the ride. Guess who refused to go thru the spin :) He was scared the entire way thru the whole set up. He did like the huge talking alligator out in front of it though.

Today, James and I got the "Worst Parents of the Day" award. We came upon this ride and Macen was hollering to go on it and they were getting ready to start so we said sure. Big, huge mistake! It went fast and once it slowed down, it went in reverse and went fast again. Macen hated it and was crying for Momma during the ride. I mean really, he is 3. We should have watched it once and then decided if he was capable of riding it. We asked him as we were leaving if he wanted to ride it again and he gave a solid "No". However, he did want to ride the roller coaster ride. It was a small roller coaster but it was the kind with 4 people to a bucket and it spins as you go up and down and around. He really wouldn't have liked that. Hopefully we haven't scarred him from wanting to do these rides when we he is older.

This ride was more Macen's speed. He rode it many times and he stuck with the bus each time.

Well these mugs of beer look small in the pic but I assure they were not small in the least bit. In fact, I believe they held 2 German beers which equates to 4 American beers. Everything may be bigger in TX except for their beers.

Macen wanted to do the bumper cars with dad which they ended up doing several times. He did get hit pretty hard once and flew up out of the seat but overall he had a good time on this ride.