Thursday, January 7, 2010

We've made it to Vilseck

UPDATE: We can't get the car until we or one of us takes the driving test for here. And the good news about the housing turned into not so good news this morning. James went to housing where they told him there would probably be something available around the 26th of January. Yeah, not cool! We are hearing from multiple people here on post that there are plenty of houses empty. So he's going back on Monday to talk to them. And instead of going to a German hotel this weekend, we are going to an area here on post where there are cabins. We plan to stay there until the end of the month unless housing decides to give us a house sooner.

James came in today and we took the long bus ride to Vilseck. We are in temporary lodging on post right now but we will move to a German hotel in a few days. Apparently, temp lodging gave away most of our reservation since we didn't make it here on Monday as planned so there were only 2 nights available for us to stay.

In the midst of playing musical hotels, our hold baggage (the stuff that was packed 2 weeks ago and shipped) is here waiting for us as well as our car. James should be picking up the car tomorrow. And word is that we should have our chosing of houses/duplex/whatever they call them and we should be in our new home around Wed of next week.

I'm sure the cats will appreciate that! Macen seems to be enjoying hotels just fine.


Joann said...

Glad to hear the family is together and that you have made it to Vilseck.

Anonymous said...

Yea!!! I'll go catch-up now. Barbara