Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not a good day...

So I have a story about our day yesterday, lol.

We had planned on going back to Nurenburg to shop at Ikea for house items and to go to Toys R Us. Yeah, they have them here and I have been dying to go to see if they are the same as the states. First off, James has been sick all week and Macen started yesterday morning. Mostly a bad cough for them both but Macen had a slight fever when he woke up. We held off on going until after Macen naps so he could get some decent sleep. Well he wouldn't all which is very unusual for him. I finally got him up and we took off about 2pm. We got about 20 mins away and its snowing pretty good. It has basically snowed here non stop since either Tues or Wed but had finally stopped in Vilseck. We went on since it was only about a 45 min drive for us.

Toys R Us was interesting. They do have a lot of the same items but still plenty of brands I am not familiar with. James found some boosters he needed for the hot wheels track he had gotten Macen (and himself). Ironically,we hit up several TRU's before we left the states looking for these hot wheels boosters and we couldn't find any. They had tons and tons of Playmobil items as that is a German company. We walk out of the store and Macen gives his "Best toy store ever" line.

We get to Ikea and we head for the area rugs. We have no carpet downstairs in the living room or playroom. Well we are both blah about the selection. The same selection we had seen at the other Ikea just 2 weeks ago. So we get the rest of the things we need and decide to eat at McDonalds. Do you see our pattern for the day? Ha ha! A pretty American day for us -Toys R Us, McD's and although Ikea is European,we had been there before so we had a good feel for it. Macen is whining (his fever had come back at this point) when we were ordering our food and the lady gave him McD's fruit snacks - they were all arches. He loved it!

We finally hit the road and as soon as we got outside of town, we realized the snow was staying on the roads outside of town. It has snowed a lot since we've been here but the roads have never, ever been an issue. The Germans are great about clearing the roads and sidewalks so you can easily get around. The more we drove, the worse the roads were. So James slowed down and we realized it was going to take us a little longer to get home. Macen fell asleep and we followed the GPS. We were about 10 mins from post and the GPS was leading us on some back roads when we came head to head with a large vehicle. It was a narrow road and it was much bigger than us so James moved to the side and stopped for it to pass. He moved a little more to the right so the truck could get by us and we literally sunk in a ditch completely full of snow. We were at a slant and another 9-12 inches the snow would have been all the way up to my window, there was absolutely no way we were getting out of that ditch. As soon as the truck passed us and we sunk, I laughed out loud. We moved out of the way for an emergency vehicle! The truck backed up and the guy said while smiling "Can I help you?" All I could think was how extremely lucky we were it was an emergency vehicle; however, if the vehicle hadn't been so big we wouldn't have ended up in the ditch. So they hooked up to us and ended up pulling us a good 12 ft before we got out of the ditch. James got out and stepped into the ditch to look at the car and he sunk to his knee in the snow and he was already hip deep in the ditch. It was a deep ditch and we were lucky we only went down as far as we did. Just looking out over the snow, you would have never know there was a ditch there that is how much snow had built up over the last few weeks.

So we thank them and couldn't wait to get home. I'm sure they were thinking "Dumb Americans" and we can't blame them. We shouldn't have been out in that kind of weather and we definitely shouldn't have followed the GPS when it took us off the major highway. What should have taken us less than an hour ended up taking us 1 hr 45 min.

That was enough adventure for one weekend so we decided to stay home on Sunday and it's just as well since it's snowing AGAIN.