Thursday, January 14, 2010

We have our car!

James passed the drivers test...and on the first try!

He went and got the car today so we can now go outside of the mile radius we've gotten use to walking in the last week. Ha ha! We do have a gas ration card so we are limited to a specific amount of gallons of gas we can purchase on post in a month. If we go over that, we will have to buy gas in the German economy at a higher rate. Gas here on post is currently $3.09 so a lot higher than the states. I don't even want to know what it is out in the economy.

We showed Macen the car but we're not sure he actually understands its ours. We've driven several different cars since mid-Nov and it's been almost 2 weeks since we've been in a car.

Now its time for me to get studying so I can take the test.


Stacy said...

$3.09 seems extremely high, but with the exchange rate today that's only $2.29 U.S. Currency (which is actually lower than what we are paying right now in KC- $2.55 per gallon)!!

Good Luck On Your Driver's Test!!

Jennifer said...

I can't believe he passed on the first try!!!! I mean, I have been in a car with him and it is scary!!! :-) Just kidding James, love you!!

James said...

Stacy that $3.09 a gallon is correct. Out at a German gas station it's about 1.89 euro a liter, that's about $10 a gallon. Driving is expensive here!

Stacy said...

Holy Cow!! I think we'll stick with the train ride to Paris when we come rather than car!! That's insane. (But it's Germany... enjoy every bit of it while you're there!!) I am soooo jealous. I believe I'll move in with you guys once you're settled! LOL