Friday, January 22, 2010

Our living conditions

It has been just over 3 weeks since we "moved" into hotels. We're surviving and we haven't killed each other yet. Ha ha! I guess we can't complain much because we slept on an air mattress for 2 months prior to hotels. A hotel bed is better than an air mattress but we all know nothing is as good as your own bed. And it has been almost 3 months since we've slept in it. We are hoping to have only a few more days here. Macen is asking about every other day to go home. I know its hard for him to understand and we keep telling him we are getting a home soon to just bear with us a little longer.

We all want a home, including the cats.


Anonymous said...

Yea, we did only 6 weeks on the air mattress...waiting for the household to arrive after a honeymoon at Ft. Hood and 2 TDYs.

Nothing really compares to your cat-travelling story. But we did carry one cat cross-country, lost and found her twice, and one time she crawled up under the dash of the F150. Hubby turned on the heater - it was summer - and she came back down almost immediately.

Chipmunks and Macen - so cute!


Stacy said...

Hang in there guys!! It won't be long :)

Give Macen a big hug for me!