Tuesday, January 19, 2010


We took Macen bowling for the first time. And he loved it! He always took his turn, sometimes with a little prompting but I think with the exception of 2 times, he always pushed the ball down the lane himself. We played 2 games so that was pretty good for his attention span.

It's been awhile since James and I have been bowling so we enjoyed ourselves. I think we will be bowling alot in the 3 years.

It looks like the last part of the video was cut off but Macen was reacting very excitedly after the ball hit the pins.


Anonymous said...

That's right! - The ball does not have to travel fast to knock 'em down! Great stuff!


Shantel said...

Not at all. The screen gave us the mph of the bowling ball. Macen had a range of 1.04 to 2.9 mph, lol! And he typically got 5-7 pins each frame.