Sunday, January 17, 2010

Driving On The Autobahn

Not only did we drive down to Regensburg yesterday but we did it on the Autobahn. That was an experience in and of itself. The recommended speed limit is 130 kilometers an hour which is about 80mph. So I got out on the Autobahn and set the cruise control at 80 and promptly got passed like I was standing still on numerous occassions. You really have to be careful and watch your mirrors constantly. I was passing a semi and from the time I looked and cleared my mirrors and when I pulled out I had an Audi Q7 breathing down my neck. The rule of thumb to remember here is to stay right unless passing and get back over as soon as you're done passing and look at least twice in your mirrors. I'm actually glad we got the Edge instead of the Escape since it has a little more horsepower which allows me to stomp on it a little bit and get out of the way of those speeding Q7s. You know I wouldn't have that problem if Shantel would of let me get the Shelby GT500KR the dealership had on the showroom floor, I know I could of got a car seat in it. Of course if I had tried to get it I probably wouldn't still be married.


Jamie Busby said...

So it is a lot like a race tack with a slow lane there! I am in aww of your pictures around Germany. i'll have to get Jeremy to look at these and I'm sure he'll be ready to go visit like i'm ready to go visit. Keep the stories coming, I love reading them!

Emilie said...

Audi drivers all drive like hoodlums :) but yes, it is a whole 'nother driving experience here. By the way, you can drive on the Nuerburgring Formula 1 course, for a pretty penny, if you really feel like speeding. Hope you're settling ok!

James said...

You wouldn't be refering to your husband and his S4 that he refuses to give up are you Emilie??? We are still living in Temp Lodgine but trying to get out of the room as much as possible. Thanks for everything you did to help us get over here. I really appreciate it.