Sunday, January 24, 2010


This weekend we took the train from the town of Vilseck to Nuernburg. It took about 50 min to get there and was pretty inexpensive for the 3 of us to get there.
Here is Macen waiting for the train to show up. He loves trains so he was very thrilled to be getting on one.
Macen staring out the window and taking in the scenery.

This is the outside of the train station in Nuernburg.

This is the pretty much the center of the train station inside. There are lots of shopping and eating opportunities inside the station to include a Claires. And James discovered a bathroom where they charge you to pee. And he needed to pee, so he paid :) From the time we stepped outside the train station we saw massive amounts of police, ie polizei. Not only were they everywhere but they were in packs so it was slightly intimidating. Apparently, there was a soccer game that afternoon and they were there to control the crowds. There were groups of people drinking all over the train station with some getting rowdy with songs and chants. While we were waiting for our train, we saw a very large crowd walking thru the station with polizei basically escorting them wherever they went. I really wanted to get a picture of a pack of polizei but I thought I would get in trouble and I couldn't ever get a good picture of them walking away. So just picture what you see on tv when there are police everywhere trying to prevent a riot and that is what it looked like.

We went inside this Aldis and came out with some chocolate :) It was actually a brand of chocolate sold in the US Aldis. The only other brand I recognized there was Reggano. It was pretty small compared to some of the other Aldis we've seen. We walked down the street in front of the train station to a bunch of stores kinda like an outdoor strip mall. We did find a mini mall so we enjoyed exploring that. It was round so it was basically up and down. At the center were excalators with about 5-6 stores on each level and atleast 5 levels to the mall.

We walked around some more and saw a lot of sex stores with plenty of large photos of topless women, I kid you not. Thankfully Macen isn't old enough to realize it but I'm sure we'll be doing some explaining by the time we leave here.

Oh I better not forget our bakery purchases this time. This bakery had some different items but we stuck with our favorite: pretzels and we also got a 2 serving slice of chocolate cake. Very good! At some point, we are going to have to stop hitting up the bakeries.

We also hit an actual German restuarant. Shantel had the goulasch soup, and James had saurbraten. It was all really good and we will continue to explore the food opportunities as we get out and about.


Anonymous said...

Your posts are very entertaining! Macen looks so cute in that top photo! Barbara